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Get a science degree and get ahead…………………

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New science graduates are half as likely to be in stop-gap jobs stacking shelves and cleaning windows as those who studied most other university disciplines, new figures have revealed. They are more likely to have landed professional jobs within six months of finishing their studies than graduates in fields such as history, philosophy, creative arts and even law.

Just five per cent of working science graduates have stop-gap jobs such as shelf-stacking, road-sweeping or operating factory machinery that fail to justify the effort and expense of doing a degree. Yet 11.7 per cent of graduates in media studies, 10.6 per cent in the creative arts, 10 per cent in history or philosophy and 8.9 per cent in languages are languishing in these roles.


Science graduates – including those who studied physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, computer science and medicine – are also less likely to be unemployed six months after finishing university.

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