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My most-read business posts in 2012

P1000377It’s that time of year when the back office team at WordPress give me my feedback on which posts have been read the most.

Last year I only wrote 33 posts bringing the total up to 128 since I started the blog in 2010.

That’s far fewer than I planned (one a week) partly due to my micro-blogging ie twitter as well.

I also used a lot of photographs most of which I took myself on my travels so I hope you found them relevant and interesting.

My readers came from 100 different countries, mostly from the UK but with the USA and India close behind.

My fifth most read post was: “Is social media the key to small business marketing?” from June 2011. This was in 3rd place last year

My fourth most read post was: “Erotic Capital – boobs, Botox, and making the best of yourself” from April 2010. This was number one last year.

My third most read post was: “It doesn’t pay to be too nice” from November 2012 which made 4th place last year.

My second most read post was: “No-one likes to be average” from June 2011. This was also in second place in 2011.

And my most read post was “Stress back on the agenda” from August 2011. This was the only post which didn’t feature in the top 5 last year.

Some food for though about my performance targets for this year as you seem to prefer the older posts (4 out of 5 appeared in last year’s most-read list).

So thank you for  reading, liking, and following.

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Hope you have a prosperous and successful 2013!


My most read posts on Leadership & Management in 2011

As last year the competition is really hot out there with some great writers and experts but here are the figures from WordPress showing which of my posts you read the most.

My readers come mainly from the UK, USA, and Canada, followed by India, Oceania and Brazil.

In 5th spot was: Most people prefer male bosses. Despite all the posts I’ve written about getting women on board!

In 4th spot, but with the most comments, was: It doesn’t pay to be too nice This was number 1 by a big margin in 2010 so it’s obviously still struck a chord with you all.

In 3rd spot was: Is social media the key to small business marketing? Seen by many as the answer to their marketing problems but it won’t completely replace traditional methods.

In 2nd spot was: No-one ones to be rated as average This was prompted by the poor reactions people have to performance appraisal systems and my experience in implementing them.

And in top spot was: Erotic capital, boobs and Botox. Making the best of yourself Carol Hakim’s work has obviously struck a chord – or perhaps readers wanted a bit of spice to brighten up their day? A page 3 of the management blog!

So thanks for reading my posts and I hope you have a prosperous 2012

You’ll find posts on work psychology and other business-related psychology topics at EI4U

Is social media the key to small business marketing?

Well it seems to be the case in America according to a recent forum at National Small Business Week in Washington DC.

Apparently three-quarters of small businesses are already active social media marketers and increasing their use of social media. And 2/3 of those not using it said they planned to do so this year.

So which was the favourite? According to marketing services consultants Constant Contact:

95% used Facebook followed by 60% using Twitter. 58% used Linkedin whilst 45% used YouTube. Just under a quarter used other local services.

When asked how effective each was 82% of Facebook users thought it effective, followed by almost three-quarters of video-sharing users, 55% for local services and 47% each for Twitter and Linkedin.


Small firms seem to be using social media as a complementary tool alongside other marketing methods. 95% were also using web-site marketing and 91% using e-mail marketing. And just over three-quarters were still using print advertising, almost as many on-line advertising, and just over half event-based marketing.

Is it the same in the UK?

According to eMarketer just over half of UK companies use Social Media to engage with their customers and prospects and a quarter of respondents said they ‘aggressively’ use Social Media to engage with their customers.

For three-quarters of the UK companies brand building was the top objective whilst just over half use social media to drive more traffic to their website or blog. Generating leads and direct on-line sales were less common goals.

PR expert Rick Guttridge from Smoking Gun PR, which specialises in digital and social media, says:

Social media can be a highly relevant tool for businesses large and small and used effectively can assist in businesses punching well above their weight.

However, don’t fall into the fool’s gold trap  of thinking it’s a free channel. Yes many of the products are free to use, especially at an entry-level, but the level of ongoing resource required to be successful should not be underestimated.

Too many businesses rush into social media to keep up with the neighbours without consideration of a strategy or how to evaluate success.

Take your time to consider your aims, target audiences  and desired outcomes before you begin. And remember, many of the traditional rules of marketing still apply here”.