Sometimes you just have to tell ’em!

A few years ago the recently appointed CEO of Cisco Systems in America was asked how he got his senior management team to work together so well.

Basically he said he told them they had to work together and if they didn’t they were out! I was reminded of this when I read the piece in the Sunday Times at the end of January; “Just tell them to lift their game”.

Research at Roffey Park had shown that we are not very good at dealing with underperformance or telling people what we want. The article suggests that strong managers get more respect and that a firm consistent approach is better for morale and performance generally.

On the other hand…. some of you may have seen the article in Management Issues which states very clearly that tough controlling leaders with a target-driven approach do not do better when times are hard contrary to what many experts might think.

A 2-year study by think-tank the Work Foundation suggests that the most effective leaders think and act systemically, seeing the bigger picture rather than compartmentalising. These successful leaders are not just people oriented but focus on relationships and are self-confident without being arrogant.


Keep your brain in gear!

Ever wondered what sex your brain is?

Try these  6 short tests and get a report comparing you to others. The tests include a test of empathy ie assessing NVC through facial expressions.

And if you like that kind of thing go to this site and check how intuitive you are for numbers, among other things.

Do you trust your boss?

Leadership is still a hot topic in the press but leaders themselves have been getting a bad press. Employees trust CEOs who do their job well but the leaders also have to be principled and honest.

Management Today in conjunction with the Institute of Leadership and Management carried out a survey of approx 3000 managers and 2500 non-managers to produce an Index of Leadership Trust.

In an article in September’s Management Today describing the survey, about a third of both managers and non-managers reported having no or low trust in their management team! 

And the bigger the organisation the less trust in CEOs; the longer you have worked there the less you trust CEOs and line managers!

Interestingly male non-managers trust female CEOs less than male CEOs (the opposite is true for female non-managers) but trust female line managers slightly more than male ones. There are no differences in trust levels between male and female managers,

Women learning the art of leading men was featured in this article reported in the Sunday Times. It says basically treat them as if they are from a different culture – shades of Men are from Mars?

The trust theme was also picked up on the Observer on 27/9/09 with the headline: “Trust in bosses sinks to all-time low”. They attributed this largely to the MPs’ expenses scandal.

The Trust in Professions survey carried out by the Royal College of Physicians found that only 25% of staff think bosses tell the truth. Doctors by the way remain the most trusted!

by BizPsycho