Student internships and exploitation…………..fingers point at MPs

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Taking an unpaid internship can cost an individual £926 a month in London or £804 in Manchester, suggests research for an education charity. The Sutton Trust says the cost of working for nothing rules out all but the wealthy and wants most interns to be paid at least minimum wage. A third (31%) of graduate interns are unpaid, according to the charity’s analysis of official data. The CBI warned that banning unpaid internships could reduce opportunities.


The report uses government figures to suggest that some 22,000 interns may be working for nothing. It analyses the costs of living in London and Manchester for interns on sixth-month work placements.

Taking into account rental for a room in a shared property, household bills, council tax, food and miscellaneous spending on items such as broadband, cleaning products and clothing, a Londoner would pay, £5,556 for the period and a Mancunian £4,827, amounting to £926 and…

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