Flexible working with coffee

pajamas_figure_reading_newspaper_1600_wht_13021In the week that Brits gained the right to have flexible working after 26 weeks of employment a survey by O2 found that  half of us would rather work from a cafe.

They found the environment  more conducive to working productively than in an office.

2 in 5 of us spend more than 4 hours a week working from a coffee shop adding up to millions of hours each week and 1 in 4 of us would choose to work there if they had the option.

The smaller the company the more likely it is that they will work in this way, about a fifth compared to 1 in 7 from larger companies.

Almost 1 in 3 self-employed people use coffee shops as their base while others use their homes, trains or the local pub.

It seems more people are working away from the office but working from home does have its downsides.



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