Global Leadership Conference – Konstanz, Germany 13 – 14 June 2014

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Along with my business colleague Mike Guttridge I attended the conference with high expectations as we had attended the previous one two years ago. The setting for the conference was the lovely Villa Rheinburg on the banks of the River Rheine and a few minutes walk from Lake Konstanz.


The format of the conference was a combination of lectures, workshops and a tremendous amount of networking and informal discussions over coffee in the beautiful garden at the rear of the villa.

The theme of this years conference was “Global Leadership Competence: Personal Qualities, Culture, Language” and it was simply a matter of choosing the particular sessions that appealed to me.

DSC_0267 The start of the conference was done by a “performance artist / mime group” (my heart sank when I saw this on the programme!) but I have to say that it is the funniest and liveliest start to any conference…

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