Public sector leaders still wasting our money

business_conference_1600_wht_3835The new Police and Crime Commissioners have attracted criticism for some of their actions such as travel arrangements or appointments they have made of political allies.

This week it was the turn of the PCC for Kent, Ann Barnes,  a former teacher and magistrate.

In a story in the Times she is being criticised for spending £150,000 on a new office which is only 2 miles from the old one at a time when officers are losing their jobs.

Her new office also includes a studio for radio interviews even though there is already one on the same site a few minutes walk from her office which is used by police chiefs.

She has been accused of “diva-like behaviour” and having “hissy fits” and it’s reported she is not very popular with staff. She also spent £7,500 on consultants to improve her brand.

She reminds me of Andrea Hill, former Chief Executive at Suffolk County Council who stepped down after criticism of her approach including spending tax-payers money on leadership coaching and glamour PR photographs of herself.

These narcissistic behaviours are not uncommon amongst people in leadership positions who cane be charming and persuasive (manipulative) until things start to go wrong. And as they say “pride comes before a fall”.

I’ve posted in the past about public sector “fat cats”.  It seems nothing much changes.


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