The management phrases which irritate us the most in the office

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    Irritating: A survey of more than 2,000 managers today reveals the most irritating habits of Britain¿s office workers

    They are an occupational hazard of the modern world.

    Management jargon such as ‘thinking outside the box’ and ‘going forward’ are among the worst annoyances for office workers today.

    Today a new survey of more than 2,00 managers reveals the most irritating habits of Britain’s deskbound staff.

    And as well as using management speak such as ‘Let’s touch base’, workers who send you an email despite sitting opposite you, and those who leave a smelly, dirty place on their desk after eating lunch are ranked among the worst offenders.

    The report, from the Institute of Leadership & Management, found ‘the nightmare colleague’ commits a long list of crimes.

    They arrive late in the mornings and for meetings, take regular cigarette breaks and come into work when they are ill when they…

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