Graduate ‘rich list’ reveals universities that will make you a millionaire

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Graduate ‘rich list’ reveals universities that will make you a millionaire: Oxford comes top but Birmingham has highest number of self-made businessmen

  • Oxford has 401 super-rich graduates but Cambridge has more billionaires
  • Three London universities complete top five on new graduate rich list
  • Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham also make it into top 10
  • More than 90% of ultra-wealthy university graduates are men

A new graduate ‘rich list’ has revealed the universities where students are most likely to become multi-millionaires.

Oxford comes top after producing 401 alumni worth £20million or more, with Cambridge in second place with 361 – but Cambridge has the most billionaires, making its super-rich graduates the wealthiest in the country.

The average multi-millionaire from Cambridge has a fortune of £169million, more than twice as much as Oxford’s ultra-wealthy alumni.

Three London universities make up the rest of the list’s top five, with Manchester, Nottingham and Birmingham also…

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