Stress in the workplace………….myth or reality?

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“How women experience stress: what the research tells us – Guardian Newspaper 14 P1000513_2March 2013

Studies show that women are more likely to feel anxious or sad – and that women rely more on their social circles than men.”

I saw the above headline recently and it brought back memories of  the years I worked as a Training Manager in a large NHS hospital in the North West of England.

Stress was a really hot, fashionable topic in HR circles and the hospital had spent considerable time developing a stress management policy  which was circulated to all managers………who then proceeded to ignore it!

However, staff began to put pressure on the senior management to do something about levels of high level stress experienced by staff, particularly those in clinical professions.

I decided to run a pilot workshop for staff to look at causes of stress and how to develop a…

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