Can Working from Home work?

The government is encouraging thousands of civil servants to work from home during the Olympics

(if nothing else an acknowledgement of the chaos and disruption about to be unleashed on Londoners).

The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the CBI both say 2 out of 5 London employers are doing the same.

The CIPD also said that its research found that 70% of employers said that flexible working improved employee retention and motivation.

Many people, including The Mayor of London, think it’s a skiver’s charter but modern technological surveillance can track locations via GPS and even key-strokes on a computer if necessary.

Security and data protection are probably bigger issues when staff might not have password protected computers or use memory sticks that aren’t encrypted. The London Borough of Barnet was recently fined £70,000 when details of vulnerable children were stolen from an employee’s home. But that can be a problem in the workplace too as more employers use a BOYD (bring your own device) policy.

And will people get a taste for working from home? Home-working is not without its problems as I’ve posted on before.