How to get your CV/resume wrong

businesswoman_skills_briefcase_1600_wht_11098When you realise that recruiters say they spend less than a minute reading your CV and covering letter you don’t want to drop howlers like these (courtesy of CareerBuilder and BNET bloggers but the comments are mine).

  • Saying you want the interview so you can show off your new tie – just don’t wear it on dress-down Friday
  • Listing your dog as a reference – on reflection it may be that person’s only friend!
  • Husband and wife seeking job-share using a co-written poem to make their point – a limerick springs to mind here…
  • Candidate’s e-mail address contained “shakinmybootie” – I’ve seen a solicitor with “pooh bear” in the address. Is that a code?
  • Candidate used first name only – well so does Madonna and Beyonce, and what about the artist formerly known as Prince?
  • Candidate mentioned he had been sacked for assaulting his previous boss – sometimes you can be too honest but haven’t we all thought about it once in our careers?

And so it goes on. There are no excuses for stuff like this and I haven’t even mentioned spelling mistakes and poor grammar.

Impression management is crucial at all stages of the recruitment process. Get some advice if you are competing in the job market; there are plenty of career coaches out there.


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