Managers drink more than other staff

UK managers drink more than people in manual jobs according to the ONS Lifestyle Survey.

They drink an average of 13.5 units a week compared with 10.7 for those in manual jobs.

Furthermore 23% of men and 15% of women in managerial roles admitted to heavy drinking ie more than 8 units in a single day. This compares to 19% of men and 11% of women in manual jobs.

The researchers think it is either due to stress at work or pressure from colleagues and clients.

Stress is bad news for both men and women although senior women managers appear to be more vulnerable.

My own past research in the NHS found that across different groups of staff senior managers took the least time off work (presenteeism?) but drank the most whereas nurses took the most time off but smoked the most. Just shows that different people have different ways of dealing with stress at work – and often in unhealthy ways – and are probably influenced by their peers and the organisational culture.


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