What kind of manager are you?

The quality of leadership and management in the UK needs to be improved says the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

This is based on their latest research of 6,000 people who used their “comparethemanager.com” quiz which you can try here to see how you compare.

Apparently half of the UK’s managers misjudge their strengths and weaknesses with only 14% excelling in people management skills and only 8% best at managing themselves. 41% however are best at getting results and 37% at demonstrating strong leadership. So not sure how that works if 86% don’t have people management skills?

I’m also not sure how accurate these figures are if 50% of the managers misjudge their skills but the CMI says it has developed a diagnostic tool to measure this “strength-perception” gap. The CMI also says; ” … this gap appears to  comes down to a perilous combination of years of inadequate training for those in management roles and the increasing number of people who reluctantly fall into management positions.

Commenting on the findings, Ruth Spellman, chief executive of CMI, said: “We’re desperately short of good leaders in this country – just look at how many FTSE 100 companies have sourced CEOs from abroad and how many Premier League clubs have foreign managers. We’re crying out for much-needed home-grown leadership talent and it’s frustrating that employers are failing to capitalise on the dormant leadership skills that their employees don’t yet realise they have”.”

I can understand their reasoning but I’m not clear if the quiz is the tool they used as it only has 12 questions. I tried it several times and when I “faked good” I came out either like Richard Branson, Phillip Green, or Deborah Meaden. When I went for the middle answers I came out like Andrew Strauss, Alex Ferguson, or Jacqueline Gold. And when I “faked bad” I came out like Victoria Beckham, Alan Sugar, or Simon Cowell!

Six months ago I asked the question: “Have you got what it takes to be a leader?” and now the CMI is urging members to get serious about personal development suggesting they use their diagnostic quiz to help them.  I think it’s a dumbed down diagnostic but of you have nothing better to do in your coffee break…


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