1 Minute Stress Management

Feeling stressed?

Stop what you are doing and stop thinking negative thoughts.

Or rather replace them with positive ones as your brain can’t not see that purple elephant I just told you not to think about.

Positive thoughts like I’m a great Mum, PA, Person, Cook, Manager  .. whatever.

If you are in a private space or can find a cubicle, do an instant rag doll relaxation ie tense yourself up as tight as you can all over your body, hold it for about 10 secs, then let it all hang out. Repeat a couple more times if necessary then stretch slowly and take a deep breath.

If you can visualise easily go to that warm beach or other relaxing get-away NOW. Remember the sun on your face, the sand beneath your feet or the smell of grass.

Finally use all your senses and have anchors which remind you of when you are not stressed. An anchor can be a favourite picture on your wall or in your purse; a favourite smell – vanilla, coffee, hand cream (massaging your palm and fingers can also help relaxation) – some people use bach flower remedies.

So in one minute:

  • STOP negative thoughts,
  • Replace with Positive self-talk.
  • Tense and relax, stretch and breathe.
  • Visualise that special place.
  • Reinforce with anchors you have chosen to reinforce feelings of well-being.

And if you aren’t sure if you are stressed or not read this 10ways-Stressed-SG&A


2 thoughts on “1 Minute Stress Management”

  1. So in one minute:-
    * Place corkscrew in the wine bottle cork
    * Gently turn and extract in one movement
    * Slowly pour into a large wine glass
    * Put nose in glass and inhale the complex aromas
    * Raise glass gently to lips
    * Swallow the “golden” liquid
    * Stand back and contemplate that all is well with the world

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