Body language watching opportunities

The election is on with its endless PR and photo opportunities. And it’s not just what they say but how they say it – or don’t.

Non-verbal communications (NVC) or body language provides good sport for the amateur psychologist in us all and politicians are fair game at the best of times. For example, what do you make of Brown’s odd jaw movements when he speaks, as if he has to force the words out against his better judgement? Some might still prefer his more down to earth accent however to those of Cameron and Clegg.

And when it comes to using body language effectively  author James Borg says that Clinton and Obama beat him hands down:

But back to those photo opportunities; can you tell whether or not the smiles are genuine? Try out your own skill at detecting fake smiles at:

The warm weather has definitely brought out the non-verbals. Dr Mark Porter in The Times 27 April says: ” Doctors, like party leaders, must learn to control their body language – and read that of their patients”.  He also offers some guidance to MPs on using NVC.


One thought on “Body language watching opportunities”

  1. The Presidential, sorry Prime Ministerial, Campaign is hotting up and on Radio 5 this morning they were talking about body language.

    I’ve been working with clients all day but I bet someone has already mentioned the Presidential debate between Kennedy and Nixon.

    Kennedy was the underdog but looked lightly tanned and healthily made-up whereas Nixon looked like he hadn’t slept and had a 5 o’clock shadow.

    Kennedy was judged to have won the TV debate – setting the tone for all future ones. Those who only heard the debate on the radio however thought Nixon had prevailed.

    You can be sure that there will be no slip-ups tonight and lots of advisors from the US will have earned their fees.

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